Thursday, September 8, 2016

Morning Sickness: A Link To A Healthy Pregnancy

Researchers at the University of North Carolina have stated that morning sickness is an indication of a healthy pregnancy. Pregnant women who suffered through morning sickness were less likely to miscarry. This study included 2,400 women across America. The triggers of nausea and sickness were considered indicators for pregnant women to improve their diets.

For those mothers who went through bouts of queasiness and vomiting chances of miscarriage lessened. This illness is another way the body prepares itself for pregnancy. The research further shows that the longer you suffer from morning sickness the better your chances are to carry your pregnancy to term.

Women age 35 and more who didn't suffer from morning sickness risks of miscarriage are 12-fold. There is however, no indication that absence of morning sickness increases with age.

Some helpful morning sickness tips:

*Eat smaller meals more frequently
*Drink fluids and sip throughout the day
*Snack on crackers
*Avoid foods that trigger sickness
*Use peppermints or lemonhead candy

More information found at Fox 21



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